Dashboard Features

Dashboard Features

Dashboard Features

Vehicle Tracking

The ePod system tracks vehicles from the administrator dashboard using GPS technology giving you accurate live locations

iOS/Android Solution

Available on both Android and Apple IoS platforms the Proof of Delivery system can be enjoyed on all major platforms.

Live Map View

A live map view in the dashboard shows the location of all of your tracked vehicles in real time.

Proof of Delevery

Live instant notifications to the Admin users to confirm when a delivery has been made.

Customisable Setup

ePod gives you the flexibility of modifying your company, shipping, delivery, collection and vehicle settings and much more.

Scalable to your Needs

Fully scalable to your needs using a cloud based databse, meaning worry free usage during growth.

App Features

App Features

App Features

Capture Signatures

Record the signatures of delivery recipients that can all be stored in your database.

Scan QR / Barcodes

Make receiving and dropping off parcels easy with the built in scanner.

Driver Communication

Reive personalised messages from the drivers with ePod's built in chat function.

Mobile Job Dispatch

Release jobs on mobile that can be accepted by any driver to receive the best delivery efficiency.

Push Notifications

Instant notification from driver to Dashboard using your mobile network carrier.

Unlimited Devices

Scalable and cross platform ePod can run an unlimited amount of users and devices.